Ward One Data Entry
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Ward One Content Site

Key # Item ID Title
100 sites_0000 Booker T. Washington High School
101 sites_0001 Union Station
102 sites_0002 Celia Dial Saxon School
103 sites_0003 Palmetto Compress
104 sites_0004 827 Assembly Street
105 sites_0005 University of South Carolina
106 sites_0006 Intersection of Bull and Heyward Streets
107 sites_0007 Intersection of Rice and Bull Streets
108 sites_0008 Carolina Coliseum
109 sites_0009 Honeycomb Dormitories
110 sites_0010 Jones Physical Science Center
111 sites_0011 University Terrace
112 sites_0012 State House
113 sites_0013 Assembly Street
114 sites_0014 Washington Street
115 sites_0015 Ward One Neighborhood
116 sites_0016 Ward One Businesses
117 sites_0017 Koger Center
118 sites_0018 Olympia Mills
119 sites_0019 USC Horseshoe
120 sites_0020 Greene Street Methodist Church
121 sites_0021 New Samaritan Baptist Church
122 sites_0022 Waverly Hospital