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Name: Facade
Item type: image
Date Created: Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m.
Created By: Unknown
Date Added: April 29, 2018, 8 p.m.
Added By: David Adelman
Format: jpg
Description: Captioned picture of facade of historic North Carolina Mutual building
Full text: The North Carolina Mutual building at 1001-1003 Washington Street was built in 1909 by the North Carolina Mutual and Provident Association. The Durham, NC based insurance company was the largest black owned insurance company in the United States and the Columbia branch served prominently in the African-American business district until the mid-1930s.
File name: aabusmedia/NCMfacade.jpg
Thumbnail: aabusmedia/NCMfacade_thumbnail.png
Source: SC Dept of Archives and History (
Location: None
Started: 1900
Ended: 2020